About us

This blog is about the research activities of the Music subject area at the University of Glasgow. It offers a dynamic platform for staff, postgraduate students and associated colleagues to share information about the wide rage of music research taking place at Glasgow.

We are a mutually supportive community of scholars and practitioners united in a spirit of enquiry and engaged in an open and democratic exchange of ideas across both theory and practice and teaching and research. Our interests span popular music studies, historical and cultural musicology, performance and performance studies, composition, and sonic arts and music technology.

More specifically, some of our  fields of expertise include modernism and modernity, historiography, jazz, Scottish music and musicians, music and politics, improvisation and music and the moving image, among others.

The Research Excellence Framework 2014 has confirmed Glasgow Music as the most research-intensive centre of musical research in Scotland. 76 per cent of our research has been classed as ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’, with a submission rate of 100 per cent. All our research impacts and our research environment have been likewise graded ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’. The results recognise the quality and breadth of our research as well as the inclusivity of our approach.